by Will Shivers/Major
Published: February 8, 2018 (2 weeks ago)
live transfer
California, U.S.A.

DME-Pain Cream Live Transfers

Buy live transfer leads with guaranteed results! Escrow protected “Live Transfer Leads” Our Live transfer providers can be interviewed upon request and asked for recordings to validate their quality! We have partnered with Escrow.com to guarantee buyers and sellers get exactly what they pay for! Welcome to Data Monster, Inc. Putting trust back in the lead industry!

To Purchase or for more details please feel free to call Will Shivers @ 1-888-420-DATA Ext-105

Call Center Location/s:
California, U.S.A

What type of transfer/s do your currently offer? (ONLY PUT TRANSFERS
support will be required: DME-Pain Cream Live Transfers

How many transfers can you produce per day? 100 Daily

Describe in detail how your transfer is generated and sent over:
Our artificial intelligence software has the ability to transfer
qualified customers to the call center with voice & speech recognition
software which is used to handle incoming customer calls and generate
pre-qualified targeted live call transfers based upon the specific
parameters from call center.

Are you working with one of our brokers? Yes

Brokers Name: Will Shivers @ 1-888-420-DATA Ext-105

Why should someone pick your transfers?
Our quality and cost is very aggressive and we have the ability to
produce as many qualified transfer right out of the gate.

What type of data do you use? Opt-In

Is your Data TCPA Compliant? Yes

When you transfer do you offer a buffer? Yes

How may seconds of a buffer do you offer? 30 Seconds

Do you provide a warm hand-off? No we use Artificial Intelligence

Once you accept an offer how soon can you start? 24-48 hours

I am willing to take payment through Escrow.com, managed by Data
Monster, Inc. Escrow.com guarantees me payment as long as I deliver
the agreed transfers. My buyer will pay upfront into Escrow.com and is
sure to get the agreed transfers and quality assured by me. (You will
get an email from Escrow.com once you register your transfers for