BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)– Almost a month ago, Bedford County created a hotline for COVID-19 calls. They say they’ve seen plenty of usage out of it since then.

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So far, the call center has received about 250 phone calls.

Some of those calls have come from out of state or other localities. The center, however, is just for Bedford County residents.

They’ve also eased age restrictions on assisting those looking for help from food banks.

“When the call center started, we said 60 and above. So now we’ve loosened up on the age range for anybody that needs it. So if you have someone out there that you know that is struggling or if you’re struggling yourself, then call the call center,” said Mike Miller, Bedford County sheriff.

They plan to keep using the COVID-19 call center as long as the state remains closed.

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