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We need good vacation leads for from a long term partner

Type of data you want:
Sales Leads (General)

Does the data need to be TCPA Compliant:
Yes, we require ONLY TCPA compliant data.

Target Market Locations:
United States

Load Supporting Documents:
No file attached

What industry are you in?
* Vacation / Cruise * Vacation / Resorts

Other Industry:

What would you like to pay? Give us multiple lead types & pricing
Just re-starting company with little start up capital, but if good
leads and success long term growth, so you least cost leads, people
who are 24-75 working (minimum combined or separate income only 30k,
people who like to travel. We call or if feasible one of your reps
call they recieve a complimentary vacation or cruise to simple view a
40 minute online webinar at their convenience from the comfort of
their home, online on their computer. We introduce and sell the travel

Are you working with one of our agents?

Agents Name:

To apply for this job email your details to Schnaider@callcentersforhire.com