• Includes Data / Leads
  • Pay Per Appointment
  • Pay Per Sale
  • Pay Per Transfer
  • Pays Residual +
  • California, USA

Website datawisellc DataWise/LeadWise

Lead Generation, Outbound Campaigns, Quality Data and Leads

LeadWise is looking for individual sales pros and  experienced contact centers to join our ongoing DME/RX/LAB campaign.

Data and Dialer will be provided as long as the minimums are being met.

We have a few options as far as compensation goes and offer both CPA and CPL models.

An individual needs to be able to log into the dialer for a minimum of 20 hours a week and average 1 sales/ 4hrs logged in.

A contact center must have a minimum of 5 seats and each agent must log into the dialer for a min of 6 hours a day M-F or 5 hrs a day M-S and average 1.5 sales/agent/day.

If you are a center and have less than 5 seats or cannot commit to  the hour requirement, you can apply as individual agents.

We are looking for those who are experienced with DME/RX/LAB campaigns that can start right away, but will train the right team or individual.

Individuals who prove their ability to consistently produce deals will be offered the opportunity to recruit, train and manage remote teams and collect on override on every deal their team closes.

Please Text, Email or Skype your experience and details for consideration and to receive more information.







To apply for this job email your details to chris@datawiseca.com