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We want to buy EVERYTHING you can produce! Endless appetite!

**Buyer has already put money into escrow, buyer wants 5 calls sent over to see the conversion ratio, any billable calls will be paid for. Buyer has purchased  50 at $100 to the seller. So the initial test is $5,000 to the seller for 50 Posted DME Part B leads. 


Time Zone you are located:

Hours Of Operation:
10 to 6

What industry are you in?
* DME Pain Cream * DME Tele-Med * DME-Do’s (Doctor Order’s AKA
Scripts) * DME-Med-B * DME-Posted * DME-PPO (Durable Medical
Equipment) * Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Other (Explained):

What type of Live Transfer Leads (Call Transfers) are you looking for?
* Call Center Live Transfers from outbound calling (Live Agents) *
Call Center Transfers from inbound calls ONLY (Live Agents) *
Artificial Live Transfer Leads (A.I. Live Transfers)

Is there a preference of where you want your seller located?
Doesn’t matter, we want quality and good pricing

How many live transfers per day?

How many days per week?

Number of agents to take calls – (Optional):

Amount you would like to pay per live transfer lead:
Depends on the product

Do you require a warm hand off?
Yes we want a warm hand off

Do you require a buffer?

How long of a buffer do you consider billable?
30+ Seconds

Does the call center need to provide TCPA Compliant Data:

To apply for this job email your details to wshivers@datamonsterinc.com