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Affirm Insurance Group

QUALITY WANTED: Final Expense / Life Insurance

What industry are you in?
Final Expense

Other (Explained):

What type of Live Transfer Leads (Call Transfers) are you looking for?
* Call Center Transfers from inbound calls ONLY (Live Agents) *
Ringless Voicemail Transfers * Click to Call Transfers (CTC) * Press
One Transfers * IVR Transfers

Is there a preference of where you want your seller located?

How many live transfers per day?

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Number of agents to take calls – (Optional):

Amount you would like to pay per live transfer lead:

Do you require a warm hand off?
* No we do not require a warm hand off * Either way is fine

Do you require a buffer?

How long of a buffer do you consider billable?
30+ Seconds

Does the call center need to provide TCPA Compliant Data:
* Yes, we require ONLY TCPA compliant data. * NO

Upload State Omits or DNC List:
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Are you working with an Agent?
I am a broker.

Agents Name:

To apply for this job email your details to wshivers@datamonsterinc.com