• Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • Inbound
  • Any location


We need cable sales

What type of services do you require?
Business to Consumer

* Business to Consumer * Cable Sales

Other Industry:

Location Preference:
Any Location

Agents Needed:

Call Center Services Needed:

How would you like to pay:
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

What price would you like to pay?


We raised the comp substantially for Data Monster clients.
Inbound Spectrum Comp Plan: 
DDSC call transfers to Call Center

Dealer Must Hit Tier 2 by Month 2

Dealer Must Hit Tier 3 by Month 3

Dealer Must Hit Tier 4 by Month 5

Tier 1: 0-299 Points

Tier 2: 300-999 Points

Tier 3: 1000-2499 Points

Tier 4: 2500+ Points

Triple Play (Each Is 3 Points)


Double Play-Video + Internet (Each is 2 Points)


Double Play – Video + Voice (Each is 2 Points)


Double Play – Internet + Voice (Each is 2 Points)


Single Play – Video (Each is 1 Point)


Single Play – Internet (Each is 1 Point)


Single Play – Voice (Each is 1 Point)


Are you working with one of our agents?

Agents Name:

To apply for this job email your details to Schnaider@callcentersforhire.com