Double Verified Realtime Exclusive Posted Leads

Double Verified Realtime Exclusive Posted Leads

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Buy Call Center Services, Leads and Live Transfers with guaranteed results! Escrow protected “Call Center Products” Our providers can be interviewed upon request and asked for recordings or stats to validate their quality! We have partnered with to guarantee buyers and sellers get exactly what they pay for! Welcome to Data Monster, Inc. Putting trust back in the lead industry!

Below is this vendors information they provided. The information is believed to be accurate. We recently added a rating system. Feel free to chat with and interview the sellers of live transfers, leads and call centers. Be sure to rate them to improve the quality of vendors on our site! Thank you for allowing us to help you with your call center, live transfers and sales leads needs!

Which industry is your product used for:
Addiction Recovery Auto Finance Auto Insurance Auto Warranty Business to Consumer Cable Sales Credit Repair Cruise/Vacation Debt Consolidation Debt Settlement DME Pain Cream Durable Medical Equipment (DME) EDU (Online Education) Final Expense Health Insurance Home Owners Insurance Life Insurance Mass Tort / Medical Compensation Process Medical Alert Devices Medical Devices Lead Generation Medicare Supplement Mortgage (Reverse) Mortgage Re-Finance Tax Resolution Timeshare Promotion Vacation / Cruise Vacation / Resorts Our leads are double verified, TCPA compliant, opt in leads and realtime exclusive

What type of volume can you do per day?

500 Live Transfer Leads A Day

Describe in detail how your product is generated and sent over:

+ These will be real-time posted leads or real-time email+ Leads are 100% exclusive+ We will target Zip codes or States+ Double verified LeadsHow is the lead generated?The traffic flow starts from a banner Ad which is placed on websites that involve the selected verticals target market. Once the consumer clicks on the banner AD, they will be directed to a custom landing page which we will set up for you (at no cost... You provide us all wording, your TCPA language, etc) and then once the lead submits your custom form, we will follow up with them via text to confirm they want to be contacted by someone.Double Verified Process:After the lead fills out your custom web form, they opted in to be contacted and are 100% TCPA compliant at that point. So after they complete your form, we are double verifying all leads generated. The first verification is done via our in-house api integration with Transunion's database where we verify their name and address are correct. The second verification is by a text message confirmation where we only send you leads that reply back to our text stating they would like to be contacted. We are scrubbing out NO responders and negative responses from texts and you will not receive any NO responses.

Why should someone pick your product?

Our leads are double verified, TCPA compliant, opt in leads and realtime exclusive

Is your Data TCPA Compliant?


When you transfer do you offer a buffer?


How may seconds of a buffer do you offer?


Do you provide a warm hand-off?


Once you accept an offer how soon can you start?

within 1 to 3 business days

how do i charge?

Pay Per Lead

If the buyer is not satisfied with the product do you have "Replacement or Refund policy" if so what is that policy or policies?

we will replace leads when a phone is disconnected. we will need a disposition report in order to replace leads.

What is the minimum volume you will take for the first purchase?

150 leads

I am willing to take payment through, managed by Data Monster, Inc. guarantees me payment as long as I deliver the agreed products. My buyer will pay upfront into and is sure to get the agreed products and quality assured by me. (You will get an email from once you register your products for sale)

Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.

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    5 Stars all the way!! Double verified, money back guarantee, escrow protected! Thank you!

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