Zack Schneider

Pakistan Chief Liaison Officer: Zack Schneider

Pakistan Chief Liaison Officer

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Safwat Imaan Zaki
Zack Schneider (Safwat Zaki)
Pakistan Chief Liaison Officer

Safwat Imaan Zaki


Linkedin: Safwat Zaki


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U.S. Number: 1.760.348.8555



Skype: zack.schneider81


In my total work experience of one and a half decade ,majorly sales, marketing, investments, training and Radio. In these years I have had the honor of working for some great organizations which have contributed in my crier and my personality in a way that I can cherish for the rest of my life. Therefore I have taken a vow to share what I have learned as I thrive for more experience and learning.

Job descriptions and the duties that I have observed in these years:

Business Process out Sourcing:

I have been a part of the BPO industry for a significant time period in my career, where I was responsible to make sure that we provide our BPO client with quality and the best possible quantity as I was dealing with our overseas clients. Make sure that they were satisfied with our performance. My duty was to bring in more business through franchises and distributions also to keep an eye on the sale department and make sure that none of our sales executive makes any intolerable mistake(s).I trained and coached, newly hired as well as current employees and help them improve their selling skills. I also, trained them about different products that we offer to different client/customers in order to enhance the team performance and achieve sale targets, I trained the sales team about the ethics  and standard protocols/etiquettes of customer service for better performance and results. 

Media/Broadcasting/Advertising/ Marketing

I have been radio presenter at for about 6 years; all my shows were live and extempore!

I have conducted

programs at all times slots in 24 hours. I also hold the record of staying on air for 14 hours straight.

I have designed/created, written, proofread scripts& articles, planed media and marketing campaigns

and other brand development activities.

I had to designed/created and produce programs for the radio station, some of which are still running successfully.

I am also familiar and have hands on experience of recording, editing, and designing media campaigns. 

Financial institutions:

I have been responsible for Organizational Reforms, Business Strategies, Planning, Policy development and execution along with market analysis and product development for a real estate developer and construction company. I have managed corporate relationships for a few financial institutions including multi-national banks and leading asset management companies. Primarily business development along with provided the investors best possible investment trades to ensure maximum profit yields, by exercising my proficiency of portfolio management with insight of stock and money market, also solicitation of mutual funds to sport the treasury department in order to sustain the buying value for exploiting all the investments vessels and ripe the most out of the stock, money and other markets, as an investment adviser to my portfolio members, I guided them through the turbulence of the stock market, also help them hedge against the risk factors that may result in heavy losses, I facilitated them with the trading access to execute trades efficiently and accurately, keeping an eye on the process flow and corresponding with credit initiation unit. I also corresponded with the account holders for their profit/loss statements, corresponding with banks regarding accounts management was also one of my responsibilities. I have registered “record business/ profit margins” during the period of my employment and at times Exceeded targets by 100%.              


 2001–2002              MBA (Business Management & Marketing)    College of E-Commerce,   USA         Boston

1999–2000               BBA (Business Management & Marketing)        College of E-Commerce,   USA       Boston