Bridging Your Customer Solutions. Call Centers Inbound

Bridging Your Customer Solutions. Call Centers Inbound


Buy Call Center Services, Leads and Live Transfers with guaranteed results! Escrow protected “Call Center Products” Our providers can be interviewed upon request and asked for recordings or stats to validate their quality! We have partnered with to guarantee buyers and sellers get exactly what they pay for! Welcome to Data Monster, Inc. Putting trust back in the lead industry!

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Call Center inbound services

Which industry is your product used for:
Business to Business ,Customer Service ,Health Insurance ,IT Support (Tech) ,Medicare Supplement ,Mortgage (Reverse) ,Pharmaceutical Sales ,SEO Services ,Solar Appointment Setting ,Solar Energy Interest ,Tech Support ,Vacant Land / Property ,

Year In Business?


Do you provide data for your client?

Sometimes, depends on the client

Do you have your own Dialer platform?

We can do either, depends on the client.

How do you charge your clients?

We always charge hourly.

Does your Call Center come with management and support?

Yes, always.

Can you provide a test to the client?

Sometimes, depends on the client.

What hours are your agents available for hire?


Describe in detail how your calls are generated and sent over or answered?

Link Bridge use automatic call distribution (ACD) that reduces call volume by routing calls to specific agents based on predetermined instructions, department, tier level, and agent skill set. We use an advanced ticketing system that includes call routing and allows callers to enter the reason for their call into the system. This feature routes the caller to the most appropriate agent, or self-service options, reducing wait times. Furthermore, it can help smooth the transition between the automated system and live agents by eliminating the need for the customer to provide information more than once.

If the buyer is not satisfied with your call center services do you have "Replacement or Refund policy" if so what is that policy or policies?

This is negotiable

Why should someone pick your Call Center?

Customers expect prompt responses and exceptional service, and they often will not return when their expectations aren't met. Our call center offers a full customer service solution that adds an element of professionalism to our company and alleviates the burden of manning the phone lines. We even offer lead generation or sales services.Link Bridge offers both inbound and outbound services, which means we not only take calls, but could make calls on your behalf as well. The best services will boost customer satisfaction and retention and help generate new leads that will eventually become customers.

I am willing to take payment through, managed by Data Monster, Inc. guarantees me payment as long as I deliver the agreed services or products. My buyer will pay upfront into and is sure to get the agreed service or products and quality assured by me and my call center. (You will get an email from us explaining further. will email you once you have an inquiry or offer with buyer and transaction details.)*

Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.

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