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If you’re in the sales leads / data industry and you want to sell more leads, let us be your Brokers! We guarantee payment from our buyers with our “Escrow Protected” purchases! Get your own escrow protected payment portal once you register with us!
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Get paid for your products with our escrow protection... GUARANTEED!

~Attention Sellers & Call Centers~ If you sell multiple types of products / services  you will need to build separate ads for each product / service you sell / provide. Each ad will have its own price. To insure quality to our buyers please do not put that you have products / services available that you do not currently have / do. For live transfer vendors audio support will be required to verify you have said transfers. Thank you.

Addiction Recovery
Alarm Systems Buyers
Auto Appointments
Auto Finance
Auto Insurance
Auto Lease Expiration
Auto Warranty
Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Cable Sales
CBD / Hemp Oil
Credit Repair
Customer Service
Debt Consolidation
Debt Settlement
Diabetic Supply
Diet And Beauty Buyers / Nutraceutical
DME Diabetic Meter
DME Pain Cream
DME Tele-Med
DME-Do's (Doctor Order's AKA Scripts)
DME-PPO (Durable Medical Equipment)
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
EDU (Online Education)
Final Expense
Health Insurance
Hearing Aids
Home Improvements
Home Owners Insurance
HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning)
Investment / Gold
IT Support (Tech)
Life Insurance
Locksmith Service
Lowered Interest
Mass Tort / Medical Compensation Process
Medical Alert Devices
Medical Devices Lead Generation
Medicare Supplement
Merchant Cash Advance MCA
Mortgage (Reverse)
Mortgage Re-Finance
New Merchant Accounts (Merchant Processing)
Non-Profit Sales
Painting Contractor (Commercial + Residential)
Pay Day Advance
Pharmaceutical Sales
Real Estate-(Home Sellers)
SEO Services
Solar Appointment Setting
Solar Energy Interest
Student Loan Consolidation
Tax Filing
Tax Resolution
Tech Support
Timeshare Promotion
Vacation / Cruise
Vacation / Resorts
Voter Data / Political Party Affiliation
Walk-In Tubs
Web Design and Development
Website Design Interest
Pay Per Hour
Pay Per Lead
Pay Per Acquisition
Per Data Base
Pay Per Transfer
Pay Per Job
Yes No I am broker
Yes No on request
Yes No N/A
Yes and the buffer
No Transfer only
Yes a hand-off but no buffer
Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.
No I will not take payment through escrow.
Please explain to me what escrow is I am unsure.

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