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Our network of Global Call Centers and Lead Brokers cover just about everything! Below you can find our Chief Liaison Officers in each country we currently have a local presence. We are always looking for more CLO’s so if you don’t see someone representing your country feel free to apply with us directly:
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We only have the best of the best! Our call centers only offer our clients experienced and well trained agents. Quality and escrow protection guaranteed!


We have call centers in the U.S. and all around the world. Pick your location and your budget! Secure your transaction with our escrow protection, guaranteeing you success!


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Eric Kroesen
Eric Kroesen
U.S. Chief Liaison Officer & VP of Sales
Eric Kroesen

VP of Sales & U.S. Chief Liaison Officer
Data Monster, Inc.
1.888.420.DATA (3282) Ext:131
Mobile: 1-314-581-1716

International Contact:
Skype ID: live:kruzen31
Whatsapp: 3145811716



I Have over 15 years of experience in Call Center Marketing and Management Consulting. I specialized  on contractor and insurance company national marketing projects.

I was self employed, partnering or owning multiple call center locations and several programs. I did that for almost 2 decades before finding Data Monster.

I have knowledge in several industries and I’m always more than happy to adapt, learn and get to know new industries or projects at hand.

As a client years before ever meeting Data Monster owner and CEO Mr. Shivers , I can confidently vouch for their level of services, their strive for excellence and relentless passion for customer satisfaction. This led me down the road of, “are you guys hiring” Best decision I ever made!

I since proudly joined Data Monster because I loved what they (WE) represent! I’m here to help, vouch and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly. All of our team members including myself and CEO Mr. Shivers are here to serve you with excellence and with a level of security and integrity unheard of in this industry prior to this global, escrow protected, game changing platform.

Philippines Chief Liaison Officer

Philippines Chief Liaison Officer

Toll Free: 1.888.420.3282 Ext: 912

USA Telephone Number:  (510) 962-9132 MOBILE: 510-414-7997

Philippines’ Telephone Number:  +63 33 327 0098


Skype:  leobico12


Hello, my name is LEO BICO, a Filipino-American living in Northern California.  I was born and raised in the Province of Laguna, Philippines.  After high school, I relocated to Las Pinas, Metro Manila, where I met my wife.  I have been in the financial industry dealing with life & health insurance and annuity businesses for the past 17 years, mostly as Sales Manager, and now as non-captive General Agent of one of the biggest life insurance companies in the country.

About 6 years ago, while on my vacation in the Philippines, I noticed that the call center industry is booming in the Philippines.  My nephews, nieces, neighbors, and friends are mostly working in call centers.  I have a personal interest in businesses so I started studying the Call Center industry.  With the help of a friend who is a business consultant in the Philippines, I visited many call centers in Metro Manila, north of Manila, south of Manila, as well as the call centers in the islands of Visayas, Philippines.  I was able to speak with many people who made it in the call center industry as well as those who did not make it.   After about 3 years of studying the call center industry, I started the KM3 Telehub and Business Support Services in the Province of Iloilo, Western Visayas and registered my d.b.a. in California as Upcentric Business Hub.

My call center is running both day and night shift operations.  We have been doing appointment settings for more than 2 years now for a telecommunication company in Australia with our day shift, and our night shift is servicing USA clients.

I have known Data Monster, Inc. for more than 10 years now, and I am very happy and proud to represent this company as their Chief Liaison Officer in my country of birth, the Philippines.  I am very eager to meet other call center owners and staff in the Philippines with mutual goal of growing more the call center industry in the Philippines, individually and collectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for your interest or any question about the Data Monsters, Inc. projects that are currently available to the call centers in the Philippines.  I will be very happy to meet and to talk to all of you.  Thank you and best regards.  LEO BICO

Ally Tria
Philippines Assistant Chief Liaison Officer
Alija Tria

Company Name:
Ally’s Remote Resources

Toll Free: 1.888.420.3282 Ext: 211

USA Telephone Number:  424-253-0732

Philippines’ Telephone Number:  +63 9569841863


Skype:  Alijah1203

Linkedin Profile:

Almost a decade as a marketing specialist dealing in lead generation via telemarketing and online traffic. I have been in Lead Generation for the past 5 years and I have been in marketing and advertising for the past 6 years. I am currently employed by Monster Data, the leading provider for both leads and data for over 20 verticals. These verticals include MCA, DME, Pharma, Debt Consolidation, Mortgage Refinance, Etc.

Here at Monster Data, we match our clients with the best call centers in the world to help them save time, money, reduce risk and drive peak performance. By adopting an outsourced strategy and partnering with us our clients to better support their external outsourcing strategy demands. Responsible for internal program development and management, employee relations and project management to enhance company’s overall strategic plan and direction and looking forward to utilize and share the skill and knowledge gained while working in real time. I am also responsible for maintaining cordial relations with all the employees.

We always keep an eye out for promising products and our experienced development team help us provide you with the best solutions available. I specialize in negotiation and all types of leads – Live Transfers, Posted Leads, Call Center generated Leads, Both on shore and off shore call center management and mortgages. I am also a Mortgage Loan Consultant for Foundation Mortgage. I do residential financing, focused in FHA, Conventional, and VA loans. We simplify the mortgage process, by educating our clients and helping them qualify for the best personalized loan options. We are knowledgable in different grant and downpayment assistance programs. I also do credit repair for individuals seeking homeownership.

Please Contact me either by email or my direct phone number at anytime

Kushant Gupta
Indias Chief Liaison Officer

Name – Kushant Gupta

Contact Info – Skype @ kushant. gupta


LinkedIn @ Kushant Gupta

Phone number +91 8395033315

I have a total experience of 13 years in BPO industry. I had worked with lead generation campaigns like Refinance, EDU, Debt Settlement, Health Insurance etc. I delivered quality work and believe in quality work with stability. I also ensure to motivate my team to get there goals/targets on time with minimum resources. This I had learned through out my carrier working with few great mentors. I will use my experience to make things possible.

Schnaider Dalancourt
Haiti Chief Liaison Officer / Dominican Republic Temporary CLO

Phone Number:

Mobile: 1-561-594-1733

Toll Free: 1.888.420.3282 Ext: 123


Skype ID:
Schnaider Dalancourt

I am an entrepreneur that believes in persistence and determination for success, I have been modeling my talents from the very lowest position in telemarketing domain as an agent and finding my way to a call center owner. My major studies in business management and sociology have given me a complementary skill to excel as an actor in the BPO industry, I am looking forward to expand Haiti’s domain in diversity to this industry.

Jimmy Sevilla
Chief Liaison Officer /Nicaragua, Costa Rica,Guatemala, El Salvador,Belize, Colombia,and Venezuela.
Company Name:
Data Monster, Inc.

Phone Number:


Linkedin Profile:
Jimmy Sevilla

Skype ID:

Hi, everyone! My name is Jimmy Sevilla and I am a Nicaraguan national and am also the Chief Liaison Officer (CLO) for Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Guatemala,El Salvador,Belize, Colombia,and Venezuela. I was raise in the Golden state of California. I am proud to say that I have over 15 years or experience in the Call Center Industry and managed all sorts of campaigns ranging from Sales, Collections,Telemarketing,Digital Marketing, Durable Medical Equiptment,and customer service. I am also proud to say I also worked as a broker for Data Monster Inc.

Nicaragua and Latin America has so much potential and I want to bring that potential to our clients In the U.S and all around the world. If you are a call center owner and want to know more about us and how we can work together please feel free to contact me.

Safwat Imaan Zaki
Safwat Zaki (Zack Schneider)
Pakistan Chief Liaison Officer

Safwat Imaan Zaki


Linkedin: Safwat Zaki




Skype: zack.schneider81


In my total work experience of one and a half decade ,majorly sales, marketing, investments, training and Radio. In these years I have had the honor of working for some great organizations which have contributed in my crier and my personality in a way that I can cherish for the rest of my life. Therefore I have taken a vow to share what I have learned as I thrive for more experience and learning.

Job descriptions and the duties that I have observed in these years:

Business Process out Sourcing:

I have been a part of the BPO industry for a significant time period in my career, where I was responsible to make sure that we provide our BPO client with quality and the best possible quantity as I was dealing with our overseas clients. Make sure that they were satisfied with our performance. My duty was to bring in more business through franchises and distributions also to keep an eye on the sale department and make sure that none of our sales executive makes any intolerable mistake(s).I trained and coached, newly hired as well as current employees and help them improve their selling skills. I also, trained them about different products that we offer to different client/customers in order to enhance the team performance and achieve sale targets, I trained the sales team about the ethics  and standard protocols/etiquettes of customer service for better performance and results. 

Media/Broadcasting/Advertising/ Marketing

I have been radio presenter at for about 6 years; all my shows were live and extempore!

I have conducted

programs at all times slots in 24 hours. I also hold the record of staying on air for 14 hours straight.

I have designed/created, written, proofread scripts& articles, planed media and marketing campaigns

and other brand development activities.

I had to designed/created and produce programs for the radio station, some of which are still running successfully.

I am also familiar and have hands on experience of recording, editing, and designing media campaigns. 

Financial institutions:

I have been responsible for Organizational Reforms, Business Strategies, Planning, Policy development and execution along with market analysis and product development for a real estate developer and construction company. I have managed corporate relationships for a few financial institutions including multi-national banks and leading asset management companies. Primarily business development along with provided the investors best possible investment trades to ensure maximum profit yields, by exercising my proficiency of portfolio management with insight of stock and money market, also solicitation of mutual funds to sport the treasury department in order to sustain the buying value for exploiting all the investments vessels and ripe the most out of the stock, money and other markets, as an investment adviser to my portfolio members, I guided them through the turbulence of the stock market, also help them hedge against the risk factors that may result in heavy losses, I facilitated them with the trading access to execute trades efficiently and accurately, keeping an eye on the process flow and corresponding with credit initiation unit. I also corresponded with the account holders for their profit/loss statements, corresponding with banks regarding accounts management was also one of my responsibilities. I have registered “record business/ profit margins” during the period of my employment and at times Exceeded targets by 100%.              


 2001–2002              MBA (Business Management & Marketing)    College of E-Commerce,   USA         Boston

1999–2000               BBA (Business Management & Marketing)        College of E-Commerce,   USA       Boston

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