Diabetics Cell, Landline and Email Contacts Sales Leads

Diabetics Cell, Landline and Email Contacts Sales Leads


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This database consists of 100% Diabetes sufferers. Choose by cell, landline, email, age, income, etc.

Which industry is your product used for:
Diabetic Supply DME Diabetic Meter Telemarketing Accuracy, Price, personal service on every order, always willing to work with you.

What type of volume can you do per day?

500000 Sales Leads A Day

Describe in detail how your product is generated and sent over:

Data is guaranteed accurate, multi sourced. Emails are 98% deliverable, Phones 90% connectable. Quality indication the dataset – Our Data is guaranteed 98% accurate and deliverable. We continuously apply a stringent full range of data verification. Along with most recent 48 month NCOA, CASS, and other record validation processes on all data sets - below see primary processes that we employ in association with email hygiene and verification. Check email address syntax Verify that individual domain specific mailbox rules are met Check that mail exchange record of domain is valid and accepting mail Check existence of working mailboxCheck existence of SMTP server for domain Check for improbable names (vulgar, famous, bogus, or suspicious keystroke sequences) Check for known hard bouncesElimination of duplicates & role accountsElimination of complaint related e-mail addresses - i.e. spam traps/honeypots, moles, black-holes Implementation of proprietary applications, analytics, filter functions & advanced data quality algorithms, very few companies can guarantee 98% deliverability. - Data source - The data is multi-sourced - we have great advantage with our ability to source and combine data from a wide range of originators and data partners. We do not limit ourselves relative to data acquisition. We take comprehensive approach employing data purchase - data exchange - provision of services for rights of usage, licensing arrangements - etc. One of our unique strengths comes from our ability to integrate multiple data sources & employ exceptional data management & intelligence resulting in the provision of a preferred product. Our data is derived from a multitude of sources, including general Internet/self reporting sources, government records, census information, voter files, licensing boards, data partners, municipal directories, on-line directories, Internet connections and searches, memberships, attendee registers, web site registrations, DBAs, incorporations, yellow page and business white page directories, county courthouse records, secretary of state, magazines and newspapers, subscriptions, postal service information including national change of Address, ZIP+4 carrier route and delivery sequence files. etc.

Why should someone pick your product?

Accuracy, Price, personal service on every order, always willing to work with you.

Is your Data TCPA Compliant?


Once you accept an offer how soon can you start?

Same Day

how do i charge?

Per Lead

If the buyer is not satisfied with the product do you have "Replacement or Refund policy" if so what is that policy or policies?

Guaranteed accurate, cannot guarantee they will buy from you. No refunds as you are getting the exact product you ordered, with accuracy guarantees.

What is the minimum volume you will take for the first purchase?


I am willing to take payment through Escrow.com, managed by Data Monster, Inc. Escrow.com guarantees me payment as long as I deliver the agreed products. My buyer will pay upfront into Escrow.com and is sure to get the agreed products and quality assured by me. (You will get an email from Escrow.com once you register your products for sale)

Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.


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