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We generate hot leads/transfers for almost any campaign by doing a DOUBLE VERIFICATION of the prospects to make 100% certain that the prospect is willing to take on the provider’s product or service.

Which industry is your product used for:
Alarm Systems Buyers ,Answering Service ,Auto Appointments ,Auto Finance ,Auto Insurance ,Auto Warranty ,Business to Business ,Business to Consumer ,Cable Sales ,Credit Repair ,Customer Service ,Debt Consolidation ,Debt Settlement ,Diabetic Supply ,Diet And Beauty Buyers / Nutraceutical ,DME-HMO ,DME-Med-B ,Durable Medical Equipment (DME) ,E.D. Erectile Dysfunction ,Final Expense ,Foreclosure ,Health Insurance ,Home Security ,Internet Services ,Investment ,Investment / Forex ,Investment / Gold ,Life Insurance ,Mass Tort / Medical Compensation Process ,Medical Devices Lead Generation ,Medicare Supplement ,Merchant Cash Advance MCA ,Mortgage (Reverse) ,Order Taking Services ,Pain Cream ,Pharmaceutical Sales ,Satellite / Internet Services ,Student Loan Consolidation ,Survey Services ,Telemarketing ,Virtual Assistants ,Virtual Receptionist ,

Year In Business?


Do you provide data for your client?

No, Client provides data.

Do you have your own Dialer platform?

Yes, we always provide the Dialer.

How do you charge your clients?

We charge per transfer.

Does your Call Center come with management and support?

Yes, always.

Can you provide a test to the client?

Sometimes, depends on the client.

What hours are your agents available for hire?


Describe in detail how your calls are generated and sent over or answered?

My CAs call the prospect and within 5-10 seconds interest the prospect in the product or service. The CAs are taught how to rebut objections and reclose. Once a prospect is found, the TL verifies his/her interest & willingness to go forward before the prospect is transferred to the client.

If the buyer is not satisfied with your call center services do you have "Replacement or Refund policy" if so what is that policy or policies?

Every lead is verified by the TL as to interest & willingness to go forwards. Then QA listens to the lead to make 100% sure the high quality is there. If a lead is unsatisfactory, then of course the client will be receive a replacement.

Why should someone pick your Call Center?

SD Contact Solutions should be picked because I have over 30 years experience hiring top talent and teaching them how to excel even further. We are the ONLY CC that does a DOUBLE VERIFICATION to make sure the product is OUTSTANDING!!!

I am willing to take payment through Escrow.com, managed by Data Monster, Inc. Escrow.com guarantees me payment as long as I deliver the agreed services or products. My buyer will pay upfront into Escrow.com and is sure to get the agreed service or products and quality assured by me and my call center. (You will get an email from us explaining further. Escrow.com will email you once you have an inquiry or offer with buyer and transaction details.)*

Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.


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