Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner Call Centers Hourly

Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner Call Centers Hourly


Buy Call Center Services, Leads and Live Transfers with guaranteed results! Escrow protected “Call Center Products” Our providers can be interviewed upon request and asked for recordings or stats to validate their quality! We have partnered with to guarantee buyers and sellers get exactly what they pay for! Welcome to Data Monster, Inc. Putting trust back in the lead industry!

Data Monster is now PAYING 100% of the Escrow Fees! Get guaranteed protected transactions absolutely free! Our way of saying thank you for shopping with us!

Below is this vendors information they provided. The information is believed to be accurate. *Please NOTE that if any vendor request for payment outside of Escrow they are breaking our terms and conditions. We cannot protect transactions done outside of our platform. Please report any vendors who violate these terms. Thank you.

Feel free to chat with and interview the sellers of live transfers, leads and call centers. Be sure to rate them to improve the quality of vendors on our site! Thank you for allowing us to help you with your call center, live transfers and sales leads needs!

Which industry is your product used for:
Auto Finance ,Auto Insurance ,Auto Warranty ,Business to Consumer ,Cruise/Vacation ,Customer Service ,Health Insurance ,Home Improvements ,Home Owners Insurance ,Investment ,Life Insurance ,Mortgage Re-Finance ,Solar Energy Interest ,Timeshare Promotion ,Vacation / Resorts ,

Year In Business?


Do you provide data for your client?

Yes, we assist with finding and providing data.

Do you have your own Dialer platform?

We can do either, depends on the client.

How do you charge your clients?

We charge hourly or per transfer.

Does your Call Center come with management and support?

Yes, always.

Can you provide a test to the client?

Yes, we will offer a small test

Describe in detail how your calls are generated and sent over or answered?

Our Call are generated from our 200 Seat Centre in Bacolod, Dialling mainly for UK and other Country such as Australia and USA.

If the buyer is not satisfied with your call center services do you have "Replacement or Refund policy" if so what is that policy or policies?

DATA QUALITY AND INVESTIGATION AND RESOLUTION PROCEDURE5.1. In the event of any complaints or disputes concerning the Data supplied, the Buyer may request the investigation procedure as set out in clause 5.2 be carried out provided the following conditions have been met:5.1.1. the Buyer or relevant End User, must have made verbal contact with 25% or more of the lead consumers named in relevant Responses making up the Data set;5.1.2. the request for an investigation must have been submitted to DBI within 7 days of the date of delivery of the relevant Data set; and5.1.3. the Buyer must have submitted a completed Investigation Form (a pro forma copy of which is annexed to these Terms and Conditions).5.2. On the Buyer having requested an investigation (and having met the conditions set out in clause 5.1), DBI:5.2.1. will randomly select a Response from the Data set;5.2.2. will test that Response and the next 4 responses next following alphabetically (based on the consumers surname) within that Data set.5.2.3. DBI will check the consumer’s name, address, the questions being asked word for word, the response from the consumer and will check if the voice file has been tampered with using “Cool Edit” or similar software;5.2.4. Within 5 business days of the investigation having been validly requested, DBI will report to the Buyer on its findings and will provide a recording of (i) the opening Marketing Questionnaire question asked to the consumer (ii) the question asked before the particular question(s) being investigated, (iii) the question(s) being investigated and (iii) the question being asked after the question(s) being investigated.5.2.5. If as a result of DBI’s investigation it is found that 20% or more of the Responses provided as part of the Data set contain an error, DBI will run the relevant Marketing Questionnaire again and replace the relevant Data set that has been provided with new Responses at no extra cost (for the avoidance of doubt where the Data has been provided in instalments the investigation and replacement of Data shall apply only to the Data supplied in that instalment and not previous or subsequent instalments);5.2.6. If an investigation of the replacement Data is triggered and it is found that again more than 20% of the relevant Responses contain an error, DBI will refund any monies already paid by the Buyer to DBI in respect of that Data set.5.2.7. If an investigation is triggered but the findings show that 0% of the Responses contained an error, the Buyer agrees that it shall pay to DBI the sum of £125.

Why should someone pick your Call Center?

Skilled Outbound AgentsTQVS constantly trains and evaluates the performance of our agents to make sure that we help you reach your goals in every campaign you have with us. Here are some of the core qualities we instil into our workforce:1. Personable CommunicationWe train our telesales professionals to be effective communicators for the brand they endorse. To do so, they must learn how to deal with various types of people they talk to every day. Agents must not overlook the consumer’s interests to establish a successful business relationship.2. A Consultative OutlookConsumers prefer engagement with agents who understand their needs and those who know how to propose solutions that suit their preferences.3. Agility and PersistencyOur telemarketers withstand negation and remain enthusiastic in handling cold calls. They find ways on how to convert uninterested individuals to warm prospects.4. Forward ThinkingOther than fundamental training, we also encourage our agents to be updated with recent trends in outbound marketing and other BPO campaigns. Being knowledgeable of the products and services they offer also helps them speak credibly during endorsement.Incorporating effective outbound strategies facilitate generation of qualified and responsive leads. Contact TQVS now to know more about our outbound campaigns that can boost sales and marketing in your organization.

I am willing to take payment through, managed by Data Monster, Inc. guarantees me payment as long as I deliver the agreed services or products. My buyer will pay upfront into and is sure to get the agreed service or products and quality assured by me and my call center. (You will get an email from us explaining further. will email you once you have an inquiry or offer with buyer and transaction details.)*

Yes I am willing to get paid through escrow.


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