• Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • Any Location

Looking to hire for cable sales

* Cable Sales
Design and Development * Website Design Interest

Other Industry:* Cable Sales

Location Preference:
Any Location

Agents Needed:

Call Center Services Needed:
* Appointment Setting * Lead Generation * Sales

How would you like to pay:
* Cost Per Lead (CPL) * Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

What price would you like to pay?

What type of job is this?
This is a “Full Time” job.

Does the Call Center need to provide their own VOIP (Dialer)?
No, Call Center will use our VOIP (Dialer)

Does the Call Center need to provide their own data?:
No, We provide the data.

If there is a live transfer involved do you require a buffer?

How long of a buffer do you consider billable?
30+ Seconds

Do you require a warm hand off? *(Introduction of potential Client
from the Call Center to your live agent)
No we do not require a warm hand off

Upload Any Supporting Documents:
No file attached

Are you working with one of our agents?

Agents Name:
Z. Yousufi

To apply for this job email your details to Schnaider@callcentersforhire.com