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Reverse Mortgage Live Call Transfer Leads

Dear Future Partner:
We are currently working with 6-7 smaller sized Call Center Partners that are producing approximately 10-15 Live Call Transfers per day each. We are growing
and need to increase our volume. We have a current demand for 100+ per day. We believe we have the customer base and the ability to grow to as many as
300+ per day, in this particular vertical.
Do you have the ability to generate Reverse Mortgage Leads that will be “live call transferred” to our double verifiers and then quickly transferred to our
customers whom are purchasing these leads from us?
If YES, then we should be discussing how we can align together and start making money together right away.
“Lead Allies” has positioned itself to become the leader in the lead generation industry for the reverse mortgage vertical. Started by an owner of a
reverse mortgage company, our in-depth experience and relationships have enabled us to develop quality leads as well as create many relationships. We
would invite you to be a part of this continued mission.
We are currently an approved lead provider with over 100 reverse mortgage companies.
We are interested in forming relationships with the right Call Center Partners to help us offer more of our Reverse Mortgage Live Call Transfer Leads to our
own offices and our customers. We have vast experience and are dedicated to helping you succeed!
Our program offers the following:
➢ Our proprietary lead portal with unique access to submit and track the leads you submit.
➢ Full transparency of all leads including explanations of why a lead was either rejected or declined (recordings of calls available per request)
➢ Hands on training for your team via shared screen conference calls.
➢ Easy simple Telemarketing scripts with the most common objections and rebuttals.
➢ Training material to provide a solid understanding of the reverse mortgage product and our program.
And lots more…


✓$100K Minimum Home Values
✓62 Years old (at least 1 homeowner – in Texas both homeowners must be 62)
✓Primary residence (must reside in the house 183 days or more a year)
✓Interested in speaking about a reverse mortgage
✓50% equity or higher depending on age of youngest homeowner
✓ Eligible property type (SFR, Townhome, FHA Condo, multi-unit primary residence or very
specific parameters on manufactured homes)
✓*No Late Mortgage Payments (30 days or later) in the last 12 months

Pay Schedule:



To apply for this job email your details to