As Covid 19 puts the world to a stand still companies are scrambling for answers. Call Centers have now been recognized as the answer and more than likely a permanent endeavor moving forward. Market research and experts all agree that call centers will now become forefront in many businesses as consumers now have a mutual feeling of “safety first” and will move even more toward online and over the phone shopping in the future.

For call centers this is great news! Not so much for the employees who work in brick and mortar companies who depend on and thrive on walk in traffic. The call center industry is hear to stay this is for sure. As A.I. gets better there were questions of whether or not call centers could weather the storm of Artificial Intelligence and technology based customer service tools such as live chat.

For now many companies are looking towards call centers to answer the call. Data Monster is here to help meet that demand. We look forward to helping buyers and sellers in any degree to help insure your success and continue on with life and restore order during this trying time.

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By: Will Shivers CEO / Data Monster