Call Centers in the Philippines

Call centers in the Philippines have taken over the world. Outsourcing, in general, has grown in popularity for company and consumer alike. It has made companies more productive by taking over some of the tasks and services they used to offer in house. Call centers in the Philippines helped build the now booming BPO industry and its reputation for quality and excellence. Call centres continue to be the largest subsection in the Philippine BPO industry today. The BPO industry was almost non-existent twenty years ago in the Philippines. In 2002, there were less than ten contact centers in the country. The few that did exist were in the startup phase or barely out of it. It was an industry in its infancy.

Entrepreneurs from the United States established the first call center companies in the Philippines. They saw something in the Philippines, and they were right. In the years between then and now, call center companies in the Philippines have sprung up and grown in epic proportion. By 2004, companies from around the world were setting up their own call centers in the Philippines to operate their services. Today, the country is home to a thousand call centers with more being started all the time. Of the existing call centers, 70 are still considered small or mid-sized and employ between 100 to 1000 people. There are several notable call centers making names for themselves within the Filipino BPO industry.

Piton-Global is a midsized call center, and they have made a name for themselves for their dedication to customer service and quality even winning awards along the way. Call centers are not the only services offered by the BPO industry in the Philippines, but they helped found the industry and continue to be a staple for companies around the world.

Call centers in the Philippines did not just spring up for no reason at all. These companies were started for a variety of reasons. They are a leading destination for call center outsourcing because there is a huge pool of qualified workers with proficiency in the English language, a cultural affinity to Western countries, low labor costs, and people dedicated to hard work and kindness. One often overlooked aspect is the excellent infrastructure.

The Philippines has grown and changed along with the BPO industry, but there was an infrastructure in existence making it possible for call center companies in the Philippines to flourish. The country is an attractive destination to outsource to because there is a lower cost of living for Filipinos meaning a lower cost for companies. With the lower cost, there is also uptake in productivity. More work can be accomplished with less money. There is also an increase in quality due to workers being able to focus on their core competency instead of having to multitask. The Philippines are providing services for companies of all kinds including but not limited to technical support, back office, lead generation, and more.